Air-blown and air-suction screw locking machines reveal the key differences between the two Release time:2024-04-10 10:36:00

Air-blown screw locking machine, as the name suggests, is to blow the screw to the lock position through compressed air, and the machine automatically completes the tightening operation. The advantage of this model is its flexibility and stability. Because the screw is automatically transmitted through the air pressure, no manual operation is required, which greatly improves the work efficiency. In addition, the air-blown locking screw machine can also be configured with multiple electric batches, locking multiple screws at one time, and the production efficiency is extremely high. It is suitable for efficient and stable locking of curved surface products, deep hole screws and countersunk screws, especially suitable for enterprises with various product models.

The air suction lock screw machine is to absorb the screw to the suction mouth of the machine through vacuum suction, and then tighten. The advantages of this approach lie in its low cost and wide applicability. The pneumatic locking screw machine is composed of two independent mechanisms, which is mature and relatively low cost. At the same time, due to the characteristics of its adsorption mode, a variety of different screw locks can be realized in a limited range.

For customers who need high-efficiency and high-precision locking operations, air-blown locking screw machine is undoubtedly the best choice; For customers who need low cost and wide applicability, air suction screw locking machine is more suitable.

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